Patients Reviews

I could take the easy way out and write this feedback with AI's help, mentioning something like, "I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all your assistance with my injury, " but it wouldn't be fair to the incredible professionals at Clifton Physical Therapy. Leaving honest and genuine feedback is the least I could do to truly show my appreciation for their expertise, time, friendliness, and encouragement. My experience at this facility has helped me tremendously in working through both physical and mental challenges. Not only did I check in with a knee injury, but the diagnostic test results for my injury weighed heavily on me. Fortunately for me, Katie, Caroline, Tiffany, and the rest of the team provided me with the physical training to overcome my injury and a constant reminder of the impacts that positive thinking has on a recovering body. They set my mind back on the goal of healing and focusing on the preventive care my knee requires. The results have surpassed my expectations to the point where I find myself writing a 277-word Google review/feedback message. I am grateful for the Google search that led me to their website. I also appreciate their website's clean and user-friendly look, making scheduling an appointment easy. This user-friendly website feature may be easy to overlook but crucial nonetheless. Their Instagram game is solid, too, with their daily content upload (I was once featured). Overall, it has been a great experience that I look forward to continuing with the help of the other physical training services offered at Clifton Physical Therapy.

Julio B. | Jun 29, 2023